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Cemara Indah Hotel, 2329 metres (7641 ft) Above Mean Sea Level.
We have a lot of experience in tourism. We have ran the Hotel and Restaurant since 1990. We remember the tourists had to walk 5 km from the bus stop, to reach our place. We experienced joys and sadness with them. We like to thank them for being with us. They have made us grow, proud and smile.

Cemara Indah was a homestay in the begining, then turned into Inn, then now Hotel. The owner is Linggih Harsoko, a purely descendant of Tengger.

Knowing people is our family Business.
As wisemen said, "friendship is the most precious wealth".

These are all quotations about friendship from different sources. I also wrote several of them. I write what my heart really feels about the topic. You cannot write if your heart is not on it .

Lasting friendship do exist. I believe that it is build differently. Whatever or however it started the important thing is the heart you put to make it grow, to make it last a lifetime.

Friends are integral part of our existence. We are not complete without them. Our life seems empty, its like living without really feeling. Having friends help us understand what life is all about . They play an important role in the totality of our being. Part of who we are is because of the friends we have.cil

Its not enough that we have parents, brothers or sisters. There is another world outside that cycle. The world where we can find friends.

Sometimes our friends knows us much better than our family, even knows us more than we know ourselves. With them we can be what we want to be, we can speak honestly and . voice out the thoughts we have. We find in them the missing part that we are searching for. They fill up the emptiness and the loneliness we are feeling away from home. cil

A friend forgives your defects, and if he is very fond of you, he doesn't see any.

One of the greatest joys in life can be formed in having a friend.

Our lives are filled with simple joys and blessings without end. and one of the greatest joys in life is to have a friend.

Life is hard as it is. Too many rough roads to travel. Too many chains to untangle. But no matter how cruel the world maybe, life becomes less harder when you got a good frien.

Eventhough friends are far apart, we know, true friens are close at heart.

There is never a season where friendship becomes less important in living. Never an age when we don't need the warmth of smiles, memories, laughter and giving.


It means a lot to merely know a friend is by your side to comfort you when things go wrong and help you stem the tide.Ritter

Friendship is a living thing that lasts only as long as it is nourished with kindness, sympathy and understanding.

Greater love hath no man than this, than a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

A friend accepts us as we are yet helps us be what we should be; a friend affirms us when we're weak and gives us strengthto let us free.

A real friend warms you by his presence, trusts you with his secrets, and remembers you in his prayers.

The gold of human dignity lies hidden in every human soul, waiting to shine through if only we'll give it a chance.Norman Vincent Peale

Friendship is composed of a single soul inhibiting two bodies.Aristotle

Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love

Sometimes we take our friends for granted, forgetting to thank them, praise them, or tell them how much they mean to us. Must be because they're always been there. But isn't it quite sad to have found the time to tell them but they're no longer there to listen?

True friend is hard to come by. So if you got a friend treasure her like a rare kind of jewels. cil

Thank you Father for my precious friend, a gift from you. Someone with whom to share my joys and defeats and a love centered in you. Amen

If I had a single flower for every time i think about you I could walk forever in my garden.Claudia Grandi

Unconditionally, selflessly, through thick and thin, despite the odds, a friend will always be a friend.

Then there are friends who sail together through quiet waters and stormy weather helping each other through joy and through strife aand they are the kind who gives meaning to life.

A friend will joyfully sing with you when you are in the mountain top, and silently walk beside you through the valley.

Thank you, Father, for my friends who loves me. Give me the courage and your grace to be a loving friend in return. May we learn to keep you at the center of our relationship. Amen

We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is a last drop that make it run over; so in the series of kindness, there is a last one that makes the heart run over.Samuel Johnson

A Friend understands those contradictions in your nature that leads other to misjudge you. With him, you can breathe freely.

The essence of friendship is likened to gold panning, where its purification process passess through several delicate ways before the finest kind prevails.

Friendship is a cozy shelter from life's rainy days.

Father, thank you for putting into my life the dear friends that add so much sunshine. Amen

When you have a true friend, value your friendship. Do whatever you can to  keep it.

Good friends are hard to come by. cil

Some people make the world more special just by being in it.

Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me, and just be my friend. Albert Camus

Friendship defies age and ignores distance. It weathers the hard times and shares the good.

Everyone that flatters thee is no friend in misery. Richard Barnfield

Friendship speacks honestly when called upon and kindly without asking. E. Lou Milton

A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him, I may think aloud. Ralph Waldo Emerson

To be a friend is to experience a solemn and tender education of soul from day to day

Blessed are they, who have the gift of making friends, for it is one of God's best gifts.It involves many things, above all, the power of going out of one's self and appreciating whatever is noble and loving in another. Thomas Hughes

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today just the way you are.

Everyday, you discover the sweet little things that makes your friend a dearer part of you.

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Karo Tengger 2012.
The People of Tengger celebrated Karo's day this month. One of their interesting tradition on that celebration is called 'Ujung'. Ujung is the tradition for young men to test the courage, agility and endurance. This one-on-one match, using rattan or bamboo as a weapon, which would be whiped to the opponent. Alternately one is on attack while the other is on defend.

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Kasada 2012.
Kasada is ceremony of Hindu's Tengger - Bromo which is held once a year, according to the Javanese calendar (360 days a year). This years Kasada is held on the range of Muslim Ramadhan (fasting month of Muslim). It effects on the number of visitors, because usually a large numbers of people come for that event. They are from many places, various religions and various interests, some having fun, some having business, some studying.

Kasada was held on August, 3th - 4th this year. Like usual, all hotels and inn were full, some people stayed at camp.

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All hotel's rooms are fully booked.
August 2012 is the month of tourist season......


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